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The Company 

Positive Push Press is more than just a publisher.  We are your power generator. We are a company with a mission to power people through words. Our goal is to inform, inspire, educate and encourage.

Positive Push Press is a publisher of print, and ebooks. We offer a variety of services, including publishing, manuscript development, author coaching, editing, interior design and book marketing. Let us help you bring your vision to reality.

Our founder, Michelle Easley, is committed to making a positive difference in the world.  

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Meet the Founder 

Michelle Easley founded Positive Push Press, LLC with a mission to guide people to discover their power through words. Michelle is the daughter of a father who marched during the Atlanta Student Movement.

Her commitment to making a positive difference runs deep. She was born with a true calling to impact change whenever and wherever possible. 

Michelle has a son, daughter, and dog daughter. She loves to soak in the sunshine whether on a trail or beach.


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Picture of the founder Michelle Easley

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