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Imagine a world where children could grow up without the constant fear of gun violence in schools.

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Discover the path to a more peaceful and positive life with 

31 Days of Surrender: Respecting Life Every Day, 

by Michael Bernard Allen, perfect for parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts, uncles, educators, children, and anyone committed to a better existence. Additionally, those working in non profit, community and faith-based organizations will find this book beneficial.

Engage with 31 daily reflections where you'll explore topics such as surrender, empathy, hope, trust, self-love and much more. You will also delve deeper into what is required to respect life every day. Review strategies for peaceful conflict resolution, how to control anger, and tips for successful parenting. Examine actionable steps that will help you:

  • Make right decisions

  • Recognize what it means to let life live

  • Understand hate and how to stand against it

  • Resolve conflict peacefully 

Explore de-escalation techniques, an intentional kindness plan and the Surrender Your Hate Pledge.


Join us in unlocking the secrets to creating a better world filled with compassion, respect for all life, peace, love and surrendered hate.
One person can truly make a difference!


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to get your copy today.

*Paperback ISBN      978-0-9798358-1-0               $19.99

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